Cottesloe Courtyards

Photography © LIFESPACE Landscape Design

Screen-Shot-2013-05-31-at-3.49.22-PMThe Brief: To create focal points from inside the home, a low maintenance design, and a seamless flow from inside to out. The clients requested some lawn for their beloved pup, a water feature and lots of greenery. The block was long, narrow and sloped and included a small alfresco area of 24sqm and a 12sqm courtyard. A limestone retaining wall dominated the small alfresco space and needed to be softened. Tiered garden beds, a sophisticated mix of materials and plantings and custom-made artworks are used to create a dimensional alfresco that is as much a focal point as a functional space. Bluestone paving, cobblestones, pebble mulch, and drystone walls have been used. The clients selected a spherical water feature for the courtyard, which inspired laser cut metal screens patterned with interlocking circles. Evergreen climbers are espaliered up stainless steel trellising fixed to the boundary wall and will eventually create a ‘green wall’ that can be viewed from the interior.