Mount Pleasant Garden Renovation

Photography © LIFESPACE Landscape Design

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The Brief: The clients have a beautiful French provincial style home that needed a complementary outdoor space. No gutters were installed on the roof in the traditional French style. However this had resulted in runoff draining into garden and lawn creating unused areas. An old water feature needed to be replaced. The clients requested a new space for outdoor dining with decking, screening from neighboring houses, a new lawn and low maintenance green space. The garden also needed to be dog friendly to provide for a much-loved pooch. Dwarf Magnolia and Syzygium were used for evergreen and low allergen screening, and Liriope was used as an easy-care border planting. Palmetto turf was added and a French urn was converted into a water feature surrounded by pebbles.


Client Response: We are very happy with the design services provided by LIFESPACE. Jenny asked us lots of questions about our likes and dislikes, allergies, pets etc. and came up with a garden design we are all very happy with. We would use LIFESPACE again without hesitation.

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LIFESPACE Landscape Design recently revisited this garden to check on progress and was very impressed with the results of the owners’ care of their garden investment. They love that they now have a low maintenance garden with privacy and lots of greenery to view. The garden is very dog friendly, having coped very well with a new puppy and his playmate! The Dwarf Magnolia and Syzygium have grown to form lush green screens. The glossy green foliage and brown undersides of the magnolia blend beautifully with the colour of the walls. The garden is low maintenance and works well for the clients and their busy lifestyle.

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