Show Garden, Garden Week 2013, Perry Lakes Reserve, Floreat, Western Australia

Awarded ‘Best Landscape Display’
Photography © Steve Munyard & LIFESPACE Landscape Design


Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 3.53.13 PM

The Brief: After the hottest summer on record in Perth, it seemed appropriate to take inspiration from the dry landscapes and walled gardens of North Africa and Southern Spain, areas subjected to Moorish influence. The concept for my design was based on the Marjorelle Gardens in Morocco, designed by French painter Jacques Majorelle. The result was an inspirational garden full of amazing combinations of colours, plants, textures, and features collections of succulents, cacti and palms.

The design incorporates elements of enclosure, symmetry and geometry in reference to this style. The 6 x 6m site was designed as a Moorish inspired courtyard with strong vertical elements of Corten steel screens that feature Moorish inspired motifs. Bluestone ‘Crazy Paving’ is laid in the shape of an 8 pointed star referencing the geometry of Moorish art. Bold colours of intense blue, acid yellow and aqua compliment a pallet of hardy and waterwise plants such as Yucca, Oleander, Lomandra, Phormium, Tradescantia and succulents such as Jade, Sedum and Echerveria.

Corten Screens by The Fifth Room, Plants from Dawsons Garden World, Construction by Bobtail Landscaping and Tim’s Landscape Art, Water Bowls from Watergarden Warehouse, Bluestone ‘Crazy Paving’, provided by Tim’s Landscape Art and available from Eco Outdoor, Outdoor Furniture from Eco Outdoor, Homewares from Spice Furniture and Homewares.

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