South Beach Courtyard

Photography © Peta North

This garden was a finalist in the 2012 Awards of Excellence, Designer - Residential - Up to 250 sqm.


Screen-Shot-2013-05-31-at-3.11.08-PMThe Brief: To provide privacy, shade and focal points for the courtyard of ground floor apartment, located at the rear of a new contemporary multistory building on the coast. The client also wanted to grow some edible plants and remove the existing patch of lawn.
Waterwise, coastal-tolerant and low maintenance plants were requested. Deciduous trees were included to create shade in summer and privacy from apartments above and matched to the existing plantings. Hedges were installed for privacy from the road and public walkway. Feature pots were used with architectural foliage and a raised tank was included for growing edible plants.

Client Response: I was very happy. You managed to fit the courtyard into the surrounding gardens of the complex whilst still making it very unique and different. I was also very impressed with your flexibility and willingness to accommodate my ever-changing ideas. And you did it all with such good grace. I was reluctant to use a designer at first thinking I could do it and also worried that it would be a waste of money but I could not have been more wrong. Thank you very much for a great garden. I am thoroughly enjoying it.