Lifespace Landscape Design | Services



  • Consultations
  • Advice
  • Concept development, design and 2D CAD plans.
  • Planting, hardscape, lighting, & ornamentation: design, selection, specification and documentation.
  • Waterwise design and practices
  • Liaising / consulting with DIY, contractors, architects & builders during construction and installation.
  • Plant sourcing and supply.
  • Project management.


A good landscape designer

  • brings different outdoor elements into alignment – your needs, the qualities and limitations of your site, the location and environment, and your budget.
  • can integrate the internal and external areas of your property ensuring a seamless transition so important in modern living today.
  • can employ waterwise and passive solar design practices to reduce maintenance, energy and water use in your outdoor space.
  • will incorporate the principles of good gardening practices wherever possible so that clients are assured of a sustainable gardening future in times of climate change and environmental concerns.
  • has the knowledge and experience to select plants and hardscape materials that are specific for your site and conditions, and not inappropriate choices that are unsustainable in the long term. This saves money in the long term by getting it right the first time!
  • will design an outdoor space that adds value to your lifestyle and property and will develop over time. The trend to smaller gardens and bigger houses means that good planning and design are now more important than ever.

If you’ve ever wondered what to do with that 2m x 4m garden space with winter shade and summer sun then you need a landscape designer!




  • The design process can be broken down into several stages depending on your requirements.
  • Whether you are after a consultation or a scaled landscape plan, the first step is the initial consultation with the landscape designer. 

  • At the initial consultation please have available
    • A copy of any site plans for the property to give to the landscape designer. This will provide important information about site boundaries and underground services that will determine the choice of trees and shrubs, service access etc.
    • Any images of styles, materials or plants that you like.
  • Jenny will ask you a series of questions and take photos that will help to clarify how your outdoor space will be used.
  • This information, together with an assessment of the site and your ideas will be used to create a concept of how the space is to be used, hardscaping requirements and suitable plant choices.



Step 1 – Initial Design Consultation

Step 2 – Design Concept

Step 3 – Final Landscape Plan

Step 4 – Construct & Install

Step 5 – Maintenance